For those seeking extraordinary décor. Nature inspired opulence and serenity – each one of these delicate wonders is lovingly handcrafted from iron. The CORAL CREATIONS are mesmerising takes on the delicate fan corals of the East African oceans. Texture, Colour, Form, rare masterpieces that are beyond striking. Breath-taking.

Handcrafted Iron.

Coral Forever – Bronze Gold
Icon Coral – White Gold

Icon Coral White Gold- 1150mm (W) x 750mm (H) X 150mm (D)
Coral Forever Bronze Gold – 1950mm (W) x 800mm (H) x 150 mm

Care: All items are fragile and can easily be bent and damaged if not handled with care.
This iron artwork is for interior display only. To maintain the colour lustre and prevent rust, position away from direct sunlight and high moisture areas (such as bathrooms or near water features). Should the artwork become wet, wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Feather dusters, dry cloths or light brushes are recommended to keep the creations dust free.
Installation: Each artwork is designed with metal arms and round holes for the purpose of attaching to walls.



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Icon Coral White Gold, Coral Forever Bronze Gold