Traditionally used as defensive weapons or decorative objects by Cameroon’s Tikar Tribe, these shields symbolise status and wealth. Hand carved from one piece of wood and lovingly adorned with a combination of beads, cowrie shells and Manilla string, each shield is a unique creation.
No matter your design preference, these artisanal pieces are without doubt conversation points in any space. Shields are accompanied by custom metal stands for table top decoration or alternatively can easily be wall mounted.

Hand carved wood, beads, cowrie shells and decorative manilla string.
Custom made black steel stands.

550 – 600mm(D)

These are unique handcrafted artworks – sizes may vary slightly.
Care: Dust lightly with soft cloth or feather duster.
Do not use abrasive or oil-based cleaners.
Hang on any wall with shield handle or mount on supplied metal stand to display as table top feature.
* Shields are produced in Cameroon, the beadwork and shells are added by hand in South Africa by skilled artisans.

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White With Black Rings and Cowrie Centre, Black with Manilla and Cowrie Centre and Trim, Black With Red Ring and Cowrie shell Band and Trim