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How to get Hero Coins in Naraka: Bladepoint

naraka how to get hero coins

In Naraka Bladepoint, you should get yourself Hero Coins as it is an important currency that you need for unlocking Heroes. Since its recent transition to the free-to-play model and its release for PS5, the game has seen an increase in its player base. No matter how you choose to play this Battle Royale, having the right hero can impact your chances of victory. But if you don’t want to spend real money on them, there are only a handful of things you can do to unlock them.

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At Gamer Tweak, we believe in providing informational tips and guides in a simple and straightforward format. His adventure with Gamepressure began in 2019 when he undertook the difficult art of writing complex game guides. Over the years, became a specialist genre; in his spare time, he reads about mixtures that will help him reduce stress after the thousandth death at the same stage of the game. A huge fan of fighting games (Tekken) who regularly participates in tournaments. Again, after switching the game to the free version, you will be able to participate in Journey’s Dawn events.

  1. You will receive 1960 Gold for Standard Edition, 3360 Gold for Deluxe Edition, and 4960 Gold for Ultimate Edition.
  2. NARAKA is a constantly evolving game, each season brings new heroes, cosmetics, and new discoveries to explore.
  3. After successfully completing every training chapter, you’ll be rewarded with 50 Hero Coins, so I strongly suggest you complete all of them since this is an easy farming method.

Earning Hero Coins in Naraka: Bladepoint

naraka how to get hero coins

If you log in to the game every day, you can get 100 Hero Coins on Day 2 and 65 Hero Coins on Day 7. If you are an active player, you won’t have any difficulties with this. If you are a beginner and downloaded the game after July 13, the game will give you bonus rewards of 300 Hero Coins.

naraka how to get hero coins

How to get Hero Coins in Naraka: Bladepoint

You will receive 1960 Gold for Standard Edition, 3360 Gold for Deluxe Edition, and 4960 Gold for Ultimate Edition. In addition, all editions will receive an exclusive Avatar,  another exclusive what is the npv formula in excel Viper Ning outfit, and 10 Glory Chest Choice Gifts. You can also purchase any of the Standard/Deluxe/Ultimate editions with gold in game which will grant access to new heroes more quickly.

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If you have collected 100 of it I suggest you check out our Best Hero tier list to decide which character to unlock. All game modes, weapons, heroes, and Souljades will be available to everyone for free. Yes, all of your account data and items will remain when NARAKA transitions to free to play. In Naraka Bladepoint you need Hero Coins to unlock hero and you need 100 Hero Coins to unlock 1 hero.

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So here is a quick guide on all ways you can earn hero coins in Naraka Bladepoint and unlock all characters. On the right side of the home screen, you’ll see the “Journey’s Dawn” menu, which will take you to the Ventures ladder. There, you can complete seasonal events that grant you a significant number of Hero Coins. For example, the “Beginning Day” venture will reward you with 100 HC, which is enough to unlock any hero.

The only downside is that these are one-time events that last a limited number of days. Yes, PlayStation Plus players receive a special bundle of items and an exclusive cosmetic item. The contents of the bundle are subject to change and may change based on the current season of NARAKA. All in-game content is available to free players, including all game modes, events, cosmetics, character customization, etc.

No, all NARAKA accounts are bound to the storefront and platform that the game was initiated on. This means that you cannot migrate your PC account to PS5 and similarly you cannot migrate your Epic Games account to Steam. You will receive all items by in-game mail after the server maintenance on July 13. Remember to log in and claim your rewards before they expire on October 14.

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