Original, rare & unique these oil paintings are one of a kind. Hailing from the small coastal village of Massavane in the Jangamo District of Southern Mozambique, Ben Simbini’s oil on canvas works are charged with vibrant passion. Son of painter Moses Simbini, Ben’s eye extends far beyond simple colour and light and delves deep into the culture and emotion of the rural life surrounding him.

Traditional beer and palm wine forms a deep part of local Tsonga ceremonies. The abstracted interpretation of men drinking beer intimately captures the essence of both setting and mood.

A woman in traditional dress is captured dancing to a local musician. Vibrant colours and strong lines infuse the oils with cultural fervour.

Oils painted on cotton canvas stretched and framed within classic dark wood frames.

Vuputsu 700mm(H) x 910mm(W)
Festival 680mm(H) x 510mm(W)

Care: Do not hang in areas of direct sunlight or excessive humidity.
To clean dust lightly with a feather duster.

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Vuputsu, Festival