Unique hand-painted masterpieces – every one! Whether wall mounted or loosely placed these magnificent artistic beacons surrender all else to the background.  Throughout the centuries, cow skulls have been significant cultural and religious symbols. With these pieces they are transformed into modern-day décor wonders.

Hand painted genuine Nguni Skulls.

Large – approx 640mm(W) (horn to horn) x 550mm(H)
Medium – approx 600m(W) (horn to horn) x 500mm(H)
Please note that sizes are estimates only as each skull is unique.

Nguni skulls are sourced sustainably as industry by-products.

About the Artist
Jacqueline Chantler is a creative artist who lives along the idyllic Garden Route on the coast of South Africa. Jacqueline has always had a passion for creating beauty, often transforming disused materials into meaningful reflections of life and art. Inspired by African, Spanish and diverse cultural art whilst traveling through in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia; Jacqueline creates all her masterpieces by hand, using various hand paint techniques, colours and styles. Her sought after pieces transform living spaces, inside or out. Inspired by the natural beauty of the African farmlands surrounding George, Jacqueline’s passion to create art and beauty, coupled with her heritage, resulted into her transforming these traditional cattle skulls into works of art.

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The Beaded Nguni, The Africana, The Sugarskull, The Zulu